Words of Wisdom from an Alumna of Crossroads for Women’s Residential Rehab Program

The following is an unedited entry from Crossroads for Women’s Residential Rehabilitation program Hope Book. Women who attend the short-term residential program are encouraged to write their thoughts down in the form of letters and poems for other women going through the program to read. We share these excerpts in hopes of helping other women in recovery or those in need of treatment.

Words of Wisdom

Each and every day is a new day. With each day is a new beginning, a new start to live the rest of your life.

We’ve all made mistakes in the past, and there’s nothing we can do about it! So stop dwelling on it. Today is the day for forgiveness. To forgive ourselves.

We’ve all been given the chance to start over, so let’s do it. Oh sure, we’ll have our ups and downs, but we have the coping skills to deal with it! All we need to do is learn how to pray, ask for help and be open-minded and things will start to look brighter.

I am so thankful for the staff and women at Crossroads! I have learned so much from each and every one of you! I will always treasure each and every one of you. Once again, thank you and God Bless!

-T.D., 2003

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