Words of Recovery From a Recent Alumna of Crossroads for Women

The following is an unedited entry from Crossroads center for Women and Children program Hope Book. Women who attend the short-term residential program are encouraged to write their thoughts down in the form of letters and poems for other women going through the program to read. We share these excerpts in hopes of helping other women in recovery or those in need of treatment.

Thank you, Crossroads

I really feel like this has made me realize that there is a crossroads in my life.

Choice – to me is the difference between living and dying, enjoying each breath or regretting each hit.

Change – change to me starts at my feet. It starts with each baby step up this new road. With each step, I feel something new.

Feeling – feeling to me is power. If I can learn to allow myself to feel, then I have the power to heal my soul.

Soul – soul to me is my inner being. The core of me. Feeding my soul to me is appreciating life.

Life – to me, life is a gift because of the opportunity to heal my soul – change my outlook – realize I have a chance – feel my feelings and because of this, I have power. The power to love myself and grow.

Crossroads to me is understanding – accepting – experiencing – and hoping. With all that, comes helping.

HELP – is the word I cried out when I felt helpless and realized how my disease had overcome me. I cried out help when I realized I am powerless over alcohol and drugs.

When I cried help, my father brought me to Crossroads for Women. This is where I learned to continue learning to accept and appreciate. This is where I remembered who I wanted to be and gained the tools to make me who I am now.

I am thankful, for this house has give me my life back. I had life before, but was never really living. This house is a gift. A gift many people do not have the opportunity to have. There are still many suffering addicts.

Make your bed count.

-S.P., 2007