Women in Residential Rehabilitation Talk About the Difference Between Co-ed And Women-Only Substance Abuse Treatment

Clients at Crossroads for Women’s Residential Rehabilitation program in Windham, Maine recently had a group discussion about their experiences in substance abuse treatment. Many of the women in the group had previous experiences in treatment at varying levels. In all cases, Crossroads for Women was their first experience with women-only treatment.

Here are some of the comments the women made when comparing a mixed gender environment with their current experience in a women-only substance abuse treatment environment:

  • The co-ed environment produces too much drama (e.g., dating among members, cliques, etc.)
  • There are too many distractions in a co-ed environment
  • Many women were more concerned with impressing the other men than actually getting treatment
  • Treatment sometimes becomes a social event when you mix men and women
  • In a women-only environment, I can focus on myself
  • I don’t have to impress anyone here, and everyone loves me anyway
  • I usually don’t like women, but it’s different in this kind of environment
  • When you take the men out of the mix, the women get along better
  • I feel like I can open up in a group with all women

When asked what they want to tell other women out there that may be in need of treatment and don’t know what to do, they replied “Come join us. It’ll change your life.”

Read more About Women’s Substance Abuse Treatment & Crossroads for Women (pdf file).

For those looking for help, Crossroads for Women can be reached at 207.773.9931. Or, visit the About.com: Alcoholism and Substance Abuse website for a list of treatment centers around the country.

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