Strengthening Parenting Through Recovery

Parenting is hard; there is no doubt about that. Worrying about their children is one major obstacle that keeps some women from seeking the addiction treatment that they need. However, recovery can help to strengthen parenting skills and allow individuals to make the most of their time with their children. At Crossroads, women in the Children and Mothers Residential Program can actually bring their children with them (up to age 5) while they are receiving the care they need to overcome addiction. Having no one to care for their children is no longer an excuse to not seek help.

Recovery encompasses physical, mental, and emotional healing and allows women to become the best version of themselves so they can be the kind of parent they want to be for their children. After all, before you can effectively care for someone else, you need to know how to take care of yourself. In addition to learning how to embrace sobriety and reduce risk of relapse, addiction treatment can help women acquire valuable parenting skills.

Through counseling and therapy, women develop a deeper understanding of healthy ways to address conflict, resolve problems, communicate with others, and manage stress. These are all skills essential for parenting. In addition, in implementing these strategies in their own lives, they also pass them on to their children and serve as a positive role model when it comes to a living a healthy lifestyle. The whole family can exercise together, make nutritious meals, try new activities, create a supportive environment, and educate one another (and others) about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

At Crossroads, women also participate in parenting classes and receive support in finding resources and assistance to care for themselves and their children. There are also family programs that guide everyone through the challenges of addiction and recovery and promote healing and establishing healthy boundaries. Family can be a source of motivation to keep women moving toward their goals and a lifestyle of long-term recovery.

The more women understand about and embrace their own recovery, the more they can help their children to make healthy choices in their own lives and be proactive in reducing risk of addiction. They can also reduce their own risk of relapse by continuing to stay active, attend support group meetings, surround themselves with positive individuals, manage stress, and establish effective routines. Children are always watching and absorbing information from the world around them, so parents want to be as prepared as possible and set a good example. Recovery can help women feel more confident in their parenting abilities and in their own commitment to sobriety.

Crossroads understands the unique challenges that women face in recovery, which is why gender-responsive treatment is provided along with specialized programs such as the Children and Mothers Residential Program. Recovery is possible, and there is help available to support women in being successful. Remember who you wanted to be and make the choice to enter recovery today for a brighter future.

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