Stop Waiting and Start Acting: Overcoming Addiction

Addiction does not discriminate. It affects people of all genders, races, occupations, and socioeconomic statuses. One of the best ways to tackle this epidemic is to seek drug addiction help early on before the situation worsens. Early intervention can support improved recovery, decreased impact of long-term effects, and higher quality of life, stopping addiction before it becomes potentially fatal.

However, many people find excuses to put off treatment, whether logical or not. Delaying help for drug addicts gradually denies the person a chance for full recovery and allows the situation to become more detrimental. When seeking drug addiction help, online resources can be valuable in choosing the right program and recognizing the benefits of not delaying treatment any longer.

Why Procrastinate?

The “Too Much Work” Fallacy

This fallacy exists in two realms: one, assuming that you have too much to do at your job to take a break for drug addiction help, and two, that recovery itself is too much work. Many people feel like they can’t get away from their job to address their own needs, when in reality, addiction may be impacting your ability to do your best at work and advance in your career.

And yes, addiction recovery is work, but it is worth it. Once you establish a recovery schedule and make a conscious choice to change your routines and make recovery a priority, the benefits can far outweigh the effort to be vigilant about it. It becomes second nature.

Dragged Down by Family Events

You may be hesitant to engage in drug addiction help because you’ll miss out on events and activities your family is involved in. Missing a dance recital, a few soccer games, or even a holiday is a minor drawback in the grand scheme of things – think of how many events you’ll get to attend and truly remember and enjoy in sobriety?

It’s Not a Good Time

There is never truly a “good time” to stop what you are doing and enter an addiction treatment program. You will always be able to come up with excuses to delay getting help for drug addiction. But you must make your health and well-being a priority and decide to take action now.

Trouble with Finances

Cost is another big concern. Despite the case that poverty prevents treatment, many rehab facilities offer payment options, and insurance can help cover costs to make help for drug addicts more affordable. It is a major investment, but you also get a major return in terms of recovery and regaining control of your life.

“I Can Do It Myself” Attitude

While there are some people who manage to overcome addiction on their own, the vast majority benefit from professional treatment. It is dangerous to try to detox at home, and addiction changes the way your brain processes information, so without the proper support and skills, your risk of relapse may increase. Recovery is not something you should – or have to – do alone.

The Dangers of Delaying

Delay Now, Suffer Later

The longer you wait to enter rehab, the more stress and damage you’re putting your body and mind through. Addiction can become even worse and more challenging to overcome the longer it goes on. Plus, you are constantly putting yourself at risk of overdosing.

Staying Longer Makes Leaving Harder

The more enveloped you get in family and work, the harder it becomes to break away. When you choose where to go for help with drug addiction, make sure it is a facility that believes it is important that family is involved in recovery. They are a major part of your support system, and they’re affected by addiction too.

Straining Relationships

Putting off treatment also could lead to worsening family relationships. Stress and frustration build as everyone tries to cope with the impact. Trust is also broken, which can take time to rebuild. The sooner you seek help, the sooner healing can begin.

Danger Lurks Around the Corner

One of the most serious risks of delaying treatment for drug addiction is the potential for use to become fatal. It just takes one time to overdose, and your life is not something you want to gamble with.

Carpe Diem!

Remember Your Goals

Think of all that you want to accomplish in life and how addiction has negatively impacted that. Recovery can help you to get back on track with remembering who you wanted to be. Consider all the benefits you gain from life in sobriety as well, such as improved health, relationships, finances, and more. It’s not too late to turn your life around.

Sticking to a Rehab Schedule

When researching treatment programs for drug addiction help online, look at the schedule as well. Find a program that fits with your needs and goals. Be open to making changes in your life in order to commit to ongoing recovery.

Above All Else, Seek Professional Help

Don’t feel like you have tackle addiction recovery on your own. Professional treatment can help you to safely and effectively manage addiction and build a healthy lifestyle in recovery.

Whether you’re struggling with alcoholism, want opiate addiction help, or have a co-occurring disorder of addiction and mental health or an eating disorder, there is treatment available.  We’ll help you to choose a Crossroads program that fits your needs and empowers you to overcome addiction and co-occurring disorders. Stop delaying and make the choice to get help now by contacting Crossroads.

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