Relational Model in Action at Ferry Beach State Park

The following post was written by Nikki Oliver, Crossroads Program Development Manager & Alumni Coordinator

A recent trip to Ferry Beach State Park proved to be an excellent example of the Relational Model in action, which Crossroads residential and outpatient programs pride themselves in doing well.

In the Relational Model, the primary goal is to empower our clients with the tools necessary to recognize and create both productive and healthy relationships. The joy for staff is to see these acquired skills being used among each other.

On that day, we had the opportunity to see the clients from the Boulton Center for Women and Children, our 28-day program, in addition to clients from Crossroads Back Cove, our 6-month halfway house program, having sober fun together. Some of these activities included playing volley ball, throwing a frisbee and taking walks together on the beach and on the trails in the state park.

We were fortunate enough to have arrived when the sun finally began to peek out after many days of rain, allowing for a day where we all sat, laughed, ate lunch together and talked about what we were grateful for (most were grateful to see the sun).

It was a real treat to see clients from both programs along with personal care coordinators, cooks, transportation staff, case managers, clinicians, and our chief of operations among our crew. The day was a true demonstration of building safe and positive relationships.

As we work together to forge a strong, secure and uplifting relationship, we learn as much from our clients as they may learn from us.

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