Quitting Smoking While in Rehab: Is Now the Right Time?

Just like drugs and alcohol, smoking is an addiction. Since the short-term effects are less noticeable, many people view it as a less dangerous form of addiction. They feel that if they are giving up other substance use, they can continue to smoke. Plus, many people use it as a coping mechanism.

However, smoking comes with its share of risks. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is the leading preventable cause of death. Smoking puts individuals at greater risk for developing cancer, heart disease, respiratory disease, and other complications. They are also more likely to engage in substance use than those who do not smoke.

The third Thursday of November is always The Great American Smokeout – a time to take action and commit to quitting smoking. Addiction rehab and smoking rehab can be a supportive place to make this life change. For starters, you are already going through detox under the supervision of medical professionals. They can help you to manage withdrawal symptoms of smoking as well. This means you won’t have to go through withdrawal again later.

In addiction treatment, you learn strategies to overcome challenging situations and cope with stress without the use of drugs or alcohol. This can include cigarettes as well. Many people smoke when they are feeling stressed or don’t know what else to do. You can implement healthier routines for dealing with these situations. There are also many people who smoke and drink together. By quitting smoking, you are helping to eliminate a trigger for drinking since these two often go hand-in-hand.

Furthermore, you are able to build a strong support system and maintain motivation and encouragement for quitting smoking. You can use some of the same strategies for drug or alcohol addiction to combat tobacco addiction. Recovery requires a lot of effort, so why not make the most of creating a healthier lifestyle by quitting smoking as well?

Benefits of Quitting Smoking

There are almost immediate benefits to quitting smoking, and they continue to improve over time.  For instance, did you know:

  • Within just 20 minutes of quitting smoking, your blood pressure and heart rate decrease.
  • Within 2 to 12 weeks, your circulation and lung function improve.
  • Within 1 year, your risk of heart attack significantly decreases and your risk of heart disease is half of that of a smoker.

You’ll also begin to notice improvements in your sense of taste and smell and the health of your teeth, nails, skin, and hair. Plus, you’ll find that you can be more active without getting out of breath as quickly.

Some people claim that it is too hard to quit smoking while also stopping substance use, but if you put your mind to it and take advantage of the support available to you in recovery, it is possible. Crossroads helps clients to overcome addiction while developing a healthier lifestyle and remembering who they wanted to be. If quitting smoking is one of your goals, you can make it happen.

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