Prioritizing: Putting Your Recovery First

Women naturally tend to be the caretakers in the family. They place others’ needs before their own to ensure that everyone has what they need to be successful, healthy and happy. Unfortunately, this often means neglecting their own needs and pushing them off until later. In terms of substance use disorders, this can mean that issues become more severe before treatment is started.

Gender-responsive treatment at Crossroads supports women in putting their recovery first, and facing the challenges that arise with being a woman with a substance use disorder. Before you can take care of anyone else, you need to be able to effectively care for yourself. In recovery, women learn how mental health, nutrition, physical activity, stress, planning, self-care and more fit into their treatment and the changes they will need to implement into their lives.

Recovery should take priority and help guide all other activities. Whatever you put before your recovery, you will lose. If your focus is on your job, family, or friends, and make recovery a lesser priority, you risk relapse and returning to unhealthy routines. Instead, your attention should be on fulfilling the needs of your recovery so that then you can make the most of your professional development, the time you spend with family, and other activities you enjoy. You can employ healthier ways of coping with stress, balancing commitments, and building relationships that help you to grow, heal, and keep moving forward.

Tips for Putting Your Recovery First

As you focus on your recovery, here are some tips to make it a priority:

  • Schedule time for yourself into each day to relax, re-energize and decompress.
  • Learn how to say “no” and delegate tasks so that you are not taking on too much responsibility.
  • Surround yourself with people who are supportive of your recovery.
  • Be realistic about goals.
  • Develop healthy routines that incorporate balance into your life.
  • Know whom you can turn to when you need help.

If you are looking for supportive, gender-responsive treatment to help you get back on your feet and become the best version of yourself, contact Crossroads about our Back Cove Women’s Residential Program.

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