Honoring an Amazing Clinician and Friend

Sometimes, a person comes along that makes a profound impact on an organization. Crossroads recently celebrated the contributions of an amazing clinical staff member who, over the past 10+ years, has helped shape the agency to what it is today.

Faith Sheehan, LCSW, CCS has meant so much to so many people at Crossroads, from clients to staff members. Faith will no longer be working with Crossroads, and her presence will be missed.

Following is a wonderful ode to Faith, written by our Outpatient Practice Manager, Tree Bendokas-Heinfeld.

Thanks for everything, Faith!

An Ode to the Great Faith Sheehan

 It cannot be counted how many times Faith said to us

“Great job”  “nice work”

“I’m proud of you”

And while you helped so many of us grow and change Faith,

We loved watching you grow, too.

Also countless are the people

Every name, every face

Families from near and far

You’ve shown so many that hope and healing

Are right there in their hearts.

Because of you some of us found our path

made improvements

claimed our power

others looked to you for life solutions

in a fifty minute hour.

Cruise director, party planner

With a photographic memory for names (just for Barbara!)

Electronics may not be your strong suit

But we love you just the same.

“Thank you” will not do this justice

“Appreciation” can’t describe

What you’ve done for Crossroads,

For all women,

For all those many lives.

And so today, sun shining on our celebration

And the expansive, sparkling Atlantic Ocean

We raise our unending vision of the future to Faith

for what she has shown