Holiday Tips for Those Living in Recovery

Thanksgiving is 3 days away, and this means one thing. The holidays – whichever holidays you may celebrate – are back.

The holiday season can be especially difficult for those living in recovery from alcohol or drug addiction. For many, holidays can bring times of tension, sadness and depression. The stress of the season, along with the many planned celebrations, bring temptations to relapse. Following are tips to help beat those temptations and stay positive:

• Keep expectations realistic so you don’t set yourself up for disappointment.

• Limit the amount of time you spend with those relatives who drive you crazy.

• Be sure to attend regular AA or NA meetings, even if you are away from home.

• Plan activities that keep you busy.

• Visit old friends, but avoid those that you used to drink or drug with.

• Get plenty of rest, eat right, exercise and take time for meditation.

• If a holiday celebration includes the use of alcoholic beverages, make sure that there is a substitute available to you in advance.

• Turn the lights on! Winter can be dark and depressing. Make sure your house is brightly lit and try to get out into the sunshine.

• Celebrate with AA or NA friends if you don’t have plans. Start new traditions!

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