Gift Ideas for a Loved One in Recovery

The holidays are a time to celebrate with loved ones and show them you care. Picking out just the right gift can be tough for anyone, but when a family member or friend is in recovery, you may want to make it even more meaningful to show your support. It’s a good idea to avoid anything you know may be a potential trigger as well. So what are some gift ideas that someone in recovery may appreciate?

A gift card: Yes, this may seem generic, but there are plenty of ways that you can make it more personal. Instead of a general Visa gift card, select a retailer or restaurant that you know they really like. Maybe they’ve been eyeing a jacket at Macy’s or thinking about their favorite dish at Applebees, so a gift card would be a nice surprise to help out. You could also combine a gift card with another gift; whip up a cute box with popcorn, candy, or other snacks and add a Netflix gift card so they can watch a movie of their choosing.

A gift basket: Along the same lines, create a basket with their favorites, whether it’s a box of tea, fuzzy socks, and a new book, or fishing magazines and some new lures. Be creative and think of a few items they’ll find relaxing or fun based on their interests.

A journal: Journaling is a wonderful way to unwind and work through a variety of emotions. Pick a journal with an inspirational saying or beautiful picture on the front to make them smile.

A massage: Life can be stressful. A gift certificate for a massage can be the perfect gift to help your loved one relax and let go of excess tension. Managing stress is an important part of ongoing recovery, and a massage can also help to reduce pain.

A gift certificate for yoga: Treat them to a class or two of yoga. It is a great way to not only stay active and gently strengthen and tone muscles, but also to clear one’s mind and refocus. If they haven’t signed up for yoga already, this may inspire them to start.

Watch their children: Everyone can use some time to themselves now and then. Offer to watch their children for the afternoon or the day so that your loved one can go out and do something they enjoy. Maybe they want to meet up with friends, go the spa, play a round of golf, or just relax in peace and quiet. They’re free to do it, knowing that their kids are in good hands and they don’t have to pay a sitter.

Whatever you choose to do for the holidays, make it genuine. Show that you put thought and effort into your gift to create something personal that you know they’ll appreciate. Entering addiction treatment and recovery was a big step for your loved one, so let them know that you recognize their hard work and stand beside them along every step of the way. If you want to give them a special gift but aren’t sure what, ask them what you can do that would help.  Most of all, be grateful for the time you get to spend together and having one another in your lives, sharing a brighter future. Crossroads empowers clients to remember who they wanted to be and supports them in creating an enriching life in recovery.

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