From our IOP: Things Women Gain in Recovery

The following unedited entry comes from a discussion in Crossroads Maine’s Matrix Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) on the things they are all gaining in their recovery.

Things we are gaining in recovery:

  • Hope
  • Peace lies within you
  • Good things happen when you do good things
  • Listen to your higher power
  • The more you put into your recovery the more you get back
  • If you want self esteem do estimable acts
  • Sober supports are key
  • Take healthy risks
  • It is safe to feel and share feelings
  • You grow a conscience in recovery
  • Say goodbye to your drug of choice
  • You can learn to deal with feelings without using
  • It is easier to share thoughts and feelings in a recovery group for women
  • Breathing
  • Prayer
  • Meditation
  • Hard Work…Really Work

The women of Crossroads for Women‘s matrix IOP share their thoughts on a regular basis on this blog in hopes of helping other women in recovery.