From our IOP: Feelings and Treasure Hunting in Recovery

The following unedited entry comes from a discussion in Crossroads for Women’s Matrix Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program (IOP):

This week in IOP, we took a look at feelings, learning how to deal with anger in safe ways, dealing with old hurts versus staying in the pain and using a tool called treasure hunting to find the good stuff in tough situations.

We realized that letting go of anger, resentments and sadness seems to reduce cravings and the need to use. At times, it’s easy to take the hands off the steering wheel and it’s harder to hold on and steer my life direction. Looking at our role and being accountable for our stuff in situations is so important to recovery, and as we continue in recovery, we are getting clarity and priorities back and feeling less shame.

We recognize that we have similar stories and feel good being in a group where other people are going through similar things. It gets easier if you let others help you. When you come here you feel loved and accepted.

The women of Crossroads Maine’s recovery centers for women share their thoughts on a regular basis on this blog in hopes of helping other women in recovery.