A Family Affair: How Addiction Affects Everyone

Addiction does not exist in a vacuum; it is not confined to only the person using drugs or alcohol. It has a much broader reach, impacting everyone around the person as well, whether they realize it or not. While addiction treatment is essential for those with a substance use disorder, it is also beneficial for the whole family. Everyone is affected and everyone needs help healing and supporting a lifestyle of recovery.

Relationships can undergo a great deal of strain when addiction is involved. It can lead to verbal or physical fights, trouble with finances, disagreements over decisions, problematic behaviors, and more. Children may become fearful not knowing what to expect. Their parent’s mood can shift from one moment to the next. They may be embarrassed by their parent’s actions or behaviors, or the state of their home life. This can also create a very tense living environment. Everyone may feel like they are walking on egg shells.

Entering addiction treatment at Crossroads can turn things around. The needs of the entire family are addressed. Family and friends can participate in an educational series that helps them to better understand addiction, recovery, and their role. Family members can also become actively involved in their loved one’s treatment through family sessions and groups.

In addition to receiving addiction and mental health treatment, our clients are also empowered to become better parents, spouses, and friends. They are able to build their parenting skills in sobriety and work these responsibilities into their new routines. Our clients are not alone in their journey. They have the support and encouragement of others who are going through the same thing or who have been there before.

With the right treatment and support, families can rebuild relationships and create a healthier, happier future in sobriety. Our clients can remember who they wanted to be and what is important to them. Crossroads can help them to get there.

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