How Families Can Move Forward After Addiction

Realizing that a loved one is struggling with addiction can be scary, heartbreaking, frustrating, and challenging among other things. Once you help the person get into treatment, you may feel some relief knowing that they are receiving the care they need for recovery. However, recovery is a journey and it takes time. Rehab is just the start. As they take steps to rebuild their life, you and your family will have to do the same. You can’t expect things to be different if you’re not willing to change too. Addiction impacts everyone.

Attend Family Programs, Therapy, or Support Groups

A great way for families to begin healing and moving forward is to attend programs geared toward you and your needs. Crossroads offers a family program that teaches you about addiction and recovery. You can learn more about what your loved one is going through, how it affects you, and your role in recovery. Family therapy can help you make sense of what is going on and work through your feelings and the challenges you’re facing. There are also support groups specifically for family members and children of those struggling with addiction. You can connect with others who understand exactly what you’re going through because they’ve been there too. Together you can help one another heal and move forward.

Realize That Everyone Must Make Changes

Your loved one is not the only one who must change their thoughts and actions. As a family, you must be willing to adjust too. This may mean being more conscientious about choosing restaurants to eat at, events to attend, or people you spend time with. It means putting forth greater effort to improve communication and conflict resolution. It also means overcoming past hurts, practicing forgiveness, supporting recovery, and growing together to rebuild trust.

Create a Safe Environment

Rid your home of any drugs, alcohol, or associated paraphernalia. This will help to create a safer environment without temptation. As your loved one recovers, they know that it is a safe space where they can be themselves and apply what they have learned in treatment.

Don’t Stop Living Your Life

Once your loved one comes home, you may feel the need to hover or be involved in everything they do. This can be draining for you and for them. Have confidence in their ability to change and realize that they are in charge of their own decisions. Keep living your own life. Find activities that you enjoy, friends to hang out with, and a healthy routine. You can do things as a family, but also take time for yourself and focus on your well-being.

Build Healthy Routines

Get everyone involved in becoming more physically active, creating healthy eating habits, and reducing stress in constructive ways. Develop routines that help prevent relapse and steer children away from substance use too. Figure out what works best for your family now that your loved one is in recovery and you are rebuilding your relationship.

Keep an Open Mind

Recovery takes work and patience – from everybody. Be open to trying new things and attending therapy or support groups. Everyone has room for improvement when it comes to effective communication, problem solving, conflict resolution, and relationship building. You may be surprised at how simple things can make a significant difference and improve the well-being and happiness of your family.

Crossroads supports family recovery in numerous ways. Clients and their families are encouraged to engage in couples and families counseling throughout the recovery process to help everyone heal and move forward in a healthier manner. The Children and Mothers Program includes a focus on improving parenting and relationship skills for clients and incorporates family engagement. There is also a four-week educational program for families held periodically throughout the year to learn more about the impact of addiction as well as the recovery process. Help and support are available at Crossroads for everyone, regardless of where they are in their journey of overcoming addiction.

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