Embracing Nature as Part of Addiction Recovery

Before we were surrounded by technology, we were surrounded by nature. The United States is filled with woodlands, mountains, lakes, and streams, and Maine is no exception. Crossroads incorporates nature into addiction treatment for its vast healing potential. Free from the distraction of technology, clients can focus on the natural beauty and peace of the environment around them.

Connecting with Nature

Immersing oneself in nature provides opportunities for reflection, clarity, calmness, and healing. Clients are encouraged to explore the Back Cove trail and take in the sights as they wind through wooded and water-lined trails. It gives clients the chance to clear their minds, de-stress, and become more mindful. They can focus on the sights, sounds, smells, and textures of the natural beauty that surrounds them. Fresh air and sunshine are also good for mental health and meditation.

Activities such as walking, hiking, jogging, and running can take on new meaning when in the woods as opposed to on a treadmill at the gym or in the city or neighborhood streets. There is so much more to see and experience. There are also fewer distractions, so clients can work through their thoughts and feelings as they burn off excess tension and energy and get those endorphins flowing. Endorphins provide a natural high and boost in mood. Many people find spending time outdoors in general to be energizing, and it can help with concentration and alertness.

Other activities can be done outdoors as well such as yoga or meditation. Nature provides a serene backdrop, and some people find it easier to find a spiritual connection or oneness with a higher power. Spiritual healing is an integral part of recovery just as physical, mental, and social well-being are too.

Women in the Back Cove Women’s Residential Program also have the opportunity to participate in equine therapy. Not only are they connecting with nature, they’re connecting with animals. Horses have been used as a therapeutic tool for decades and are very responsive to human emotion.

Physical Healing in Nature

When stuck indoors, many people have a tendency to sit and be sedentary, but outdoors, there is a push to keep moving and stay active. It keeps the heart pumping and oxygen flowing, which is great for physical healing in recovery. Another beneficial activity is gardening. It is not overly taxing but allows individuals to really dig their hands in and work the soil. The act of turning the land, pulling weeds, planting seeds, and watering plants works a lot of different muscle groups. It is also incredibly rewarding to watch the seeds grow into small plants and then bloom with flowers, fruits, vegetables, or herbs. Clients are able to see their hard work pay off over time – and the same is true with recovery. It takes time, but growth and healing do occur.

Healing with Nature at Crossroads

Crossroads provides clients with comprehensive treatment for addiction and co-occurring disorders, and this includes more traditional therapies as well as recreational activities and holistic healing. Located in Maine, the facility is surrounded by nature and opportunities for clients to promote connections with the environment around them support healing and recovery. Crossroads helps clients to remember who they wanted to be and develop a recovery lifestyle that is sustainable and enjoyable.

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