Dangers of Drinking for Women

While drinking can be dangerous for both men and women, it can have a different impact on each gender. Women are at increased risk for certain health problems and often drink for different reasons than men. However, gender-responsive addiction treatment can target the challenges women face and help them to make the most of recovery.

Did you know that differences in men’s and women’s bodies affect how alcohol is absorbed and processed? Women’s bodies are composed of less water than men’s, therefore they develop a higher blood-alcohol concentration even if they drink the same amount of alcohol as a man. It can also take women’s bodies longer to metabolize or break down the alcohol. Other dangers include:

  • Greater risk for liver damage
  • Higher risk of alcohol-related heart disease
  • Increased chance of developing breast cancer
  • Increased risk of their baby developing Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) if drinking during pregnancy

These are just a few of the health risks that can come from drinking – there are many others that affect both men and women.

Some common reasons why women may turn to alcohol are as a coping mechanism to deal with challenging relationships, as a way to fill a void in their life, or as a response to trauma or unhealthy relationships. It is important that women feel safe and are in a comfortable environment to address these issues in recovery. Signs of alcoholism should be treated on its early notice. Crossroads provides gender-responsive treatment so that each gender can focus on the challenges that impact their lives the most. Women are surrounded by other women who are facing similar difficulties. Therapists recognize the different needs of women and what approaches support recovery.

Crossroads offers several different treatment programs geared toward the specific needs of women and supporting them along each step of the way in their recovery so that they can remember who they wanted to be. Start your journey to recovery today at Crossroads.

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