Do you know how many calories your alcoholic drink contains?

A study coming out of England shows that both men and women underestimate the amount of calories an alcoholic drink contains. According to the study, which was part of the government’s Know Your Limits campaign, the average wine drinker in England now consumes around 2,000 calories monthly from alcohol alone. That’s about the same as consuming 184 bags of chips over the course of a year!

Of the women surveyed, 42% were unaware that a glass of wine was the caloric equivalent of eating a bag of chips. In fact, it pointed out that 2 large glasses of white wine actually give a woman nearly a fifth of her daily calorie allowance and put her over the recommended daily limit for alcohol consumption. The study also noted that drinkers typically eat more than they usually would when they are drinking. They also tend to eat less healthy.

“It’s not only the calories in the drinks themselves that can help to pile on the pounds, we’re also more likely to eat fatty foods when we’ve had one too many,” says Health Minister, Phil Hope. “To avoid piling on the pounds we should try to drink within the recommended limits, eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.”

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