Parenting While in Recovery from Drug or Alcohol Addiction

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Mom & childRecovery from drug or alcohol addiction isn’t easy. Those in recovery need to set priorities and do what is right for them on a daily basis. They need to keep themselves safe and away from the things in life that trigger them to want to use or drink again.

For a mother, it’s even harder. The added stress of being a parent can result in a trigger to start using again. Just bringing their child to a playground can remind them of their earlier days when they bought drugs at the same park. It’s important for moms in recovery to know and practice safe coping skills. To find a balance between being a mom and being a woman in recovery.

Crossroads for Women offers a therapy group called Sober Parenting to expectant and current moms. Maria Moustrouphis, the clinician who runs the group, describes the group as open and friendly, where moms can learn from each other and not worry about being judged. Many women in recovery have not had good parenting role models in their lives. They might not be aware of typical child development, the difference between discipline and punishment or even age-appropriate activities for their child. The Sober Parenting group talks about these topics and more and tailors each group discussion to what the members of the group want to explore.

The group currently meets on Wednesdays from 12:15pm – 2:45pm at Crossroads for Women’s outpatient office in Portland, Maine. For more information or to join this group, call 207.773.9931. View a list of current therapy groups being offered by Crossroads for Women’s Outpatient Program (PDF)

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4 thoughts on “Parenting While in Recovery from Drug or Alcohol Addiction

  1. I agree with this organization. The Mother should most definantly maintain a drug free life in order to support her family. The best thing about the sober parenting group is that it acts as a help group, so continuing support can be received for the addict after a Drug rehab program has been completed. It worked for myself and any other person I met and kept in touch with through the drug rehab treatment programs I attended.

  2. is it true in AA & NA they tell you not to give up everyting all at once. My daughter is a drug/alcohol abuser, she tells me to send her cigarettes while she is in rehab for the next 5 months=I tell her she needs to give up all her vices, especially since she was incarcerated for 6 months without cigarettes. She insists that the counselor agrees about her smoking; not to give up everything all at once. I am seeking to understand this theory-could you help?

  3. From our clinical director, Shannon: That is true, don’t give up everything all at once. Some old school thinking would view cigarettes also as an addiction, but we teach women coming into treatment their only coping skill was using drugs. We are taking that away and trying to replace it with healthy coping skills. If cigarettes is an issue, that is an issue that can be addressed later if that is what the client wants. The main issue is to get them sober from drugs and alcohol.

  4. Yes!! I completely agree with your tips. Recovery is not an easy task from any addiction for people when they don’t make perfect thinking. When you are in the process of recovery you must remember to stay away from those things those are the big reason for addiction. I highly appreciate you information. Keep sharing such more.

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