National Call-in Day: Tell VH-1 What you Think About “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew”

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Faces and Voices of Recovery, an organization dedicated to changing the public’s perception of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, is asking for the public’s help in speaking out against VH-1‘s show “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.” In a press release sent out earlier in the week, the organization is asking people to call VH-1 today as part of a National Call-in Day.

The reality show has been criticized by those in the recovery and treatment communities for the sensational way in which addiction treatment is portrayed. In response, a letter was sent to VH-1’s president, Tom Calderone, asking that the network take steps to show the true realities of treatment and to offer resources to those viewers who may need help.

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2 thoughts on “National Call-in Day: Tell VH-1 What you Think About “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew”

  1. Excellent idea, and I think I will give them a call.

    As an alcoholic in recovery, I worried when I heard about the show. I worried that through sensationalizing the disease they would further stigmatize those in recovery and those still needing help. They had an opportunity to do real good – but they have done harm.

  2. Honestly, I think the show was as real as you can get, because all those things do happen, I know ive been in rehab. Put it this way, I dont see how it could possibly stigmatize anyone that is in recovery when it is reality, you might as well just say that everyday life is a stigmatizm, and it is, even worse then your saying the show is, everyone who may need recovery or that is already involved make there own choices no tv show that in my opinion isnt a bad one can make someone relapse they have choices if they relapse its there choice not any tv show cause if thats the case you might as well stay in a glass bubble cause theres a big world out there and if you think a tv show thats just trying to show the world that celebrities also have addiction problems just like any normal joes, then you best not walk out your front door otherwise you will be truley tested on the choices that you make so if someone relapses its not because of a tv show its because of the choices you make for yourself cant blame it on anyone but yourself cause the world is a big trigger and if you cant handle a tv show that is really showing what its all about and the choices people make for themselves then like i said dont walk out that door cause there many more triggers in the out side world then there is on a reality show that is only trying to be real, then obviously you have made the wrong choice. Any person is going to do what they want to do no matter what if they are not serious about there recovery dont blame it on a tv show, like i said people have choices and its up to them on the ones that they make not any tv show or anyone or anything else and thats reality!!!

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