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Oftentimes women are seen as the caretakers of the family. They worry about the health and well-being of everyone else and may put their own needs on the back burner. May 8-14 is National Women’s Health Week and a great time for women to make their health a priority. It is time to recognize that you are deserving of treatment for substance use and mental health disorders. It is not too late or too early to become the healthiest version of yourself.

Before you can provide quality care for others, you must treat yourself to these same high standards. If you are stressed out, overwhelmed with responsibility, and struggling with addiction, you are not doing anyone any good. The first step is to realize that you have a problem and need help. Once you are honest with yourself you can:

  • Share your concerns with loved ones.
  • Find support for while you are in treatment.
  • Select an addiction treatment that meets your individual needs and goals.
  • Focus on improving your own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and preventing relapse.

It is also important to realize that women’s needs in addiction recovery tend to differ from men’s. Women assume different roles and responsibilities and may be facing challenges regarding trauma, relationships, caregiving, and stigmas. However, these should not be obstacles that stand in a woman’s way.

Through gender-responsive and trauma-informed approaches to treatment, Crossroads’ Back Cove Women’s Residential Program offers women the compassionate, targeted care they need to overcome addiction. Treatment addresses physical and mental health as well as issues specific to women and recovery. Through counseling, holistic therapies, group therapy, recreational activities, and family support, women can regain control over their lives and make their health a priority.

You are just as deserving of another chance as anyone else, and it is not too late to implement positive changes in your life. Do something to create a brighter future for yourself and those you love by contacting Crossroads today and learning more about how our Back Cove Women’s Residential Program could be the right choice for you.

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This was definitely a life changing experience. The staff was wonderful and I am leaving here sober, happy and healthy. I thank everyone for their love and care.”
– Back Cove Women’s Residential Program Client

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