Benefits of Gender-Responsive Treatment for Men

In recent years, gender-responsive treatment for substance use disorders has made a greater emergence. Treatment professionals recognize the differences in challenges that men and women face when dealing with addiction. Focusing on a single gender allows professionals to tailor services to the individual needs of the person or group.

When discussing relationships, sexuality, spirituality and personal struggles, being surrounded by males can be comforting to men. They share similar backgrounds as far as being a male in society and assuming the roles of husband, father, son, brother and so on. Men understand the pressures and expectations placed upon them and the stigmas attached to addiction and treatment. Together they can work through these issues and create more effective strategies for coping. It also helps to build stronger communication skills and a network of support.

Group therapy is centered on topics that men can relate to as opposed to mixed issues where they may or may not have any relevance. Men are able to discuss topics that apply to their lives in a safe, comfortable environment free from judgment.

Crossroads offers gender-responsive outpatient treatment for men that aligns with their individual goals and needs. Comprehensive assessments help to determine underlying issues related to addiction and the impact substance use has had on their life, health, relationships and overall well-being. We then are able to address these challenges through individual, group, couples and/or family counseling. Men can work through issues related to both substance use and mental health to promote more effective long-term recovery.

Mental health and substance use disorders are serious problems. Engaging in a gender-responsive treatment program at Crossroads can provide the level of support and focused therapy that men need to enhance their recovery.

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