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Back Cove Residential Program: Wellness Services


In the Back Cove Residential Program, we provide various therapies designed to treat the whole person, not just the behavior – a key to greater long-term success. These wellness services are offered to serve as a healthy alternative to managing emotions without turning to a substance. Our wellness services include daily morning meditation, yoga and group acupuncture.

Women start their day each morning with either meditation or yoga. On the yoga mat, women find a safe space to get re-connected with their bodies, and often with their hearts and minds as well. Yoga builds physical balance, flexibility and strength. It also loosens chronic tension and helps us cultivate new patterns of movement. These benefits happen on a physical level in our bodies, and they inevitably have an impact on our entire person and character. Yoga helps clients to start developing healthy patterns and coping skills.

Group acupuncture is offered, where acupuncture is applied to points in the ear. Other body acupuncture points may also be included to address the emotional, psychological and physical symptoms that accompany addiction and other mental health challenges. During the small group sessions, the acupuncturist will be able to focus on each woman individually to ensure an optimal experience. The sessions are in a tranquil space where women are able to relax on massage tables in order to experience the full therapeutic benefits. Acupuncture has been known to be helpful in addiction recovery because it helps to detoxify the body while also calming the patient in a non-medicated way.

In addition, women will work closely with a registered dietician to address their nutritional needs. The dietician will create a well-balanced, seasonal menu that meets the needs of women in early recovery. Furthermore, our dieticians run a group on healthy eating in recovery to support continued good nutrition and healthy decision making.

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