Group Therapy

Back Cove Residential Program: Group Therapy

Crossroads utilizes a relational model of treatment that provides opportunities for women to build healthier relationships and boundaries with staff, other clients and their families. Through group therapy, clients learn how to express their feelings with other women present.

Research shows that women have better recovery outcomes when they participate in a same sex group therapy setting. Women express themselves honestly in a setting where they are treated with respect and free of judgment and shame. Group therapy sessions help women develop a better sense of self and respect for other women.

It is immensely helpful for women to hear their peers’ stories that are relatable and help them feel less alone in their situation. Women also get feedback from their peers in this group setting, making it a truly rich experience in treatment.

All clients in the Back Cove Residential Program participate in a rigorous daily group therapy schedule that addresses topics such as:

  • Early recovery skills
  • Mental health topics
  • Relapse prevention
  • Managing emotions
  • The medical aspects of chemical dependency
  • Trauma
  • Nutrition for sobriety
  • Spirituality

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