Family Involvement

Back Cove Residential Program: Family Involvement & Support


A specialized family clinician connects with family members and loved ones prior to admission to the Back Cove Residential Program. Families have the opportunity to get support so everyone is set up for success when a loved one comes home. This assigned clinician will facilitate family therapy sessions, as appropriate, and provide support to family members. Crossroads focuses on the family as a whole, how their loved one’s disease has affected the family and how to understand their loved one’s addiction. We focus on helping family members get their lives back on track by setting up healthy boundaries.

Crossroads helps family members understand the treatment and recovery process and how to be proactive in their loved one’s recovery and in their own recovery from their loved one’s addiction. Identified family members can expect to receive weekly phone calls from the family clinician while their loved one is in treatment as well as scheduled outreach calls from the family clinician for up to six months after their loved one has completed treatment.

The Back Cove Residential Program offers family programming that includes group sessions with other family members of clients, Al-Anon meetings, and family therapy sessions with their loved one and a clinician, as needed. Family clinicians are available by Skype and phone for non-local family members.

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