Why Addiction Recovery Legislation Matters

Drug abuse and addiction is not a new problem. It is one that has existed for decades. However, in recent years it has been brought into a more public spotlight. President Obama has been very forward in his efforts to make addiction treatment a priority. He himself struggled with drug use in his younger years but he was fortunate that it never spiraled into addiction. He is pushing for $1.1 billion in funding to combat the opioid and heroin epidemics.

Not only does President Obama want to see greater access to potentially life-saving drugs such as buprenorphine and naloxone, he also wants to improve access to treatment. Congress stands behind him in these efforts with bipartisan support. This is a positive step forward in combatting drug abuse and addiction.

By gaining political attention, a topic that was previously considered somewhat taboo is becoming more widely talked about. It is gaining attention and people are sharing the impact that is has had on their own lives and families. They are creating meaningful connections that put human faces to the opioid and heroin epidemics.

Addiction is a disease and one that does not discriminate. The more it is talked about and the more people understand about addiction, the more stigmas are broken down and myths debunked. People can feel more comfortable coming forward and asking for help or sharing their stories. Political attention opens doors for conversation regarding ideas for improved prevention and treatment methods. It helps people to understand that this is a serious problem, but if everyone works together, change can occur.

Addiction recovery legislation is bringing attention to the serious problems that exist and potential solutions to help fight back against them. It encourages people to seek treatment to overcome addiction and follow through with recovery efforts. It opens up communication between family members, friends, medical providers, and others who are all working together to save lives. If you or someone you love is struggling with drug abuse or addiction, contact Crossroads today to learn more about our treatment services and how we can help you to remember who you wanted to be.

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