Parenting and Children’s Services

CAMP Parenting and Children’s Services: Serving the Child

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Many of our Children And Mothers Program (CAMP) clients are pregnant or new mothers. Pregnant women are assisted with finding medical and OB / GYN care, as needed, and establishing healthy habits. Some women may enter Crossroads, deliver their baby and then return to the program with their child to finish treatment.

We provide education on the needs of a newborn, infant, toddler or pre-school child; a child’s developmental milestones; and how to nurture and communicate with a child to establish a strong mother child bond. In addition, Crossroads assesses children who live in the residence with their mothers to identify any medical and / or developmental needs the child may have, refer their mothers to specialists as needed and implement plans to ensure the child’s needs are met.

Crossroads has an on-site licensed day care at which children 6 weeks and older may stay while their mother attends to her treatment needs and where the children engage in developmentally appropriate activities.

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