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CAMP Case Management: We Help Address Other Basic Needs

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In the Children And Mothers Program (CAMP), Crossroads has dedicated case managers who work with each client to assess their individual needs, which may include finding housing after discharge; connecting to a primary care physician, OB-GYN or other medical specialist; accessing General Assistance; or locating additional treatment to support her after discharge. Once a service plan has been developed, the case managers advocate for and work with the clients to implement the plan and access community supports and resources.

Often the client’s child is in need of services as well. In some cases, the child may be so young that the needs of the mother and child are one. A child’s needs may involve healthcare such as well-baby checks, vaccinations, or a primary care physician or other specialist.

Our experience has shown us that by providing case management as an integral part of the residential program, women have a better chance for a successful outcome. A plan to meet basic needs provides security so a woman can focus on her substance abuse treatment and provides supports so a woman may sustain her sobriety after discharge.

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