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Why Gender-Responsive Treatment at Crossroads

Everyone experiences addiction and recovery differently. No two people’s stories are the same. Crossroads recognizes and respects these differences. In addition to personal differences, addiction also affects each gender differently. The struggles and challenges that women face are not necessarily the same as those that men face. Gender responsive treatment considers these differences and creates a safe, supportive environment geared toward each gender’s needs.

Research has found that self-image, relationships, sexuality and spirituality are connected with gender and addiction and are all experienced differently by men and women dealing with addiction and pursuing recovery. At Crossroads, treatment programs for women and men are separate to create a more welcoming, non-judgmental environment where discussion and healing can take place.

Many women fear the social stigma attached to admitting that they have a substance use or mental health disorder. In addition, trauma and lack of healthy relationships can also play a role and often lead women to turn to substance use as a way of trying to maintain a relationship or fill a void. This differs from men who may use drugs or alcohol as a way of avoiding connecting altogether.

These differences can keep men and women from making the most of their treatment if they are placed in groups together. Gender responsive treatment allows each gender to focus on the issues that are most prevalent in their lives. They can be open and honest while delving into these topics and developing healthier strategies for coping. Individuals may also feel more comfortable when surrounded by others of the same gender and can create stronger connections.

Crossroads is sensitive to the individual needs of women and men and is proud to be able to provide the gender responsive treatment that many are looking for and respond well to.

Read more about behavioral health, gender and addiction, on Crossroads in the News or  our blog. You can also listen to Crossroads CEO, Shannon Trainor, LCSW, CCS, on the Growing up Chaotic BlogTalk Radio Show below.

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This was definitely a life changing experience. The staff was wonderful and I am leaving here sober, happy and healthy. I thank everyone for their love and care.”
– Back Cove Women’s Residential Program Client

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