Meet Our Team

Crossroads employs a team of licensed professionals to ensure safe, healthy, and sustainable recovery practices for all clients who walk through our doors.

Crossroads Staff
Beth Caron, LCSW

Beth Caron, LCSW, CCS


In 2014 Beth joined Crossroads clinical staff as the program manager and family clinician for the Back Cove Women’s Residential Program after previously working as a primary therapist and clinical director for Banyan Health Systems in Florida, at Spectrum Program’s Broward Adult Residential. As the program manager at Back Cove, Beth works closely with our women in a unique, home-like environment, focusing on their specific needs and challenges while utilizing Motivational Enhancement Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Trauma Informed Care. Beth enjoys being able to work in a program with such wonderful holistic options and one that is located in such a vibrant recovery community.

Rachel Thurston

Rachel Thurston, ADCA


Since 2014, Rachel has been an integral member of the operations for both the outpatient and residential treatment departments. She is responsible for managing the residential intake department and prioritizes access to treatment in a manner that is supportive of client, agency and regulatory requirements. Rachel oversees all residential inquiries and scheduled intakes and ensures that all clients are referred to the appropriate level of care utilizing ASAM criteria. Rachel provides a safe and welcoming environment for all prospective clients and acts as a consultant to families and community providers to answer any questions they may have about the intake process or any of Crossroads’ programs.

Melanie Sosinski-Brown

Melanie Sosinski Brown, LCSW, LADC, CCS


A dedicated clinician whose expertise covers individual and group counseling for women in early recovery, Melanie began her career with Crossroads as a clinician in our Children and Women’s Program and then moved to working with our clients in the Back Cove Women’s Residential Program.  Melanie’s focus is helping clients with co-occurring disorders with a focus on treating and healing trauma. As the Outpatient Clinical Supervisor for our Greater Portland Counseling Center and Kennebunk Counseling Center, Melanie supervises and manages all outpatient clinical staff and programs and services provided.

Before coming to Maine, Melanie worked in Florida treatment centers while getting her degree co-facilitating women’s only IOP’s.

A licensed EMDR clinician with expertise in group and individual counseling for women in early recovery, Melanie treats clients in our outpatient treatment centers running IOP’s and aftercare groups with a focus in co-occurring disorders and trauma.

Kelly Ripley

Kelly Ripley, ADCA

PROGRAM MANAGER, Children and Mothers Program

Kelly began her career with Crossroads in 2007 as a personal care coordinator for the Children and Mothers Program. In her role of Program Manager, she oversees and supervises the clinical team and operations of the program. Kelly is dedicated to the clients and their children to ensure that each client becomes a strong and independent woman in order to be the best parent she can be. Kelly has served in multiple roles throughout the agency supporting clients and staff at all of our residential programs. In addition to her ADCA license, Kelly is Reiki II certified.

Brittany Page

Brittany Page, MSW, LCSW

PROGRAM MANAGER, Co-Occurring Eating Disorder & Addiction Residential Program

Brittany brings extensive experience working with clients with eating disorders for inpatient, residential, PHP programs to the management team of our Co-occurring Eating Disorder and Addiction Residential Program. In this role Brittany supports the clinical programing and management of all staff. Licensed in DBT, CBT, & TF-CBT, Brittany also has worked with clients struggling with body image issues, trauma and depression. Additionally, her experience involves using ACT, REBT, Narrative Therapy, and other trauma informed therapies CPT, Seeking Safety, & Healing Trauma Utilization of Art Therapy. Brittany holds memberships to NASW, NEDA, and IAEDP.

Olivia Testa

Olivia Testa, LMSW-CC, MSW

CLINICIAN, Back Cove Women's Residential Program

Olivia is a member of the clinical team at the Back Cove Women’s Residential Program providing individual, family and group counseling for our clients in residence. Olivia has years of experience working with varying populations and recognizing the empowerment and connection that comes from women working with other women. Prior to joining Crossroads in 2018 Olivia worked in residential treatment programs for young adults with co-occurring disorders. A focus for Olivia is prioritizing relationship building in treatment and incorporating modalities to assist with that approach including TF-CBT, ACT, and Mindfulness based strategies. Olivia received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Keene State College with a minor in Substance Use and Addiction and her Masters in Social Work from the University of New England.

Kathleen Hart

Kathleen Hart, Psy.D


Dr. Hart is the consulting eating disorder specialist for our Co-Occurring Eating Disorder and Addiction Residential Program. Dr. Hart runs groups in the residential program and supports the clinical team in treatment recommendations to support each client’s treatment plan. In addition to her general private practice, Dr. Hart specializes in treating Eating Disorders. She works with children, adolescents, men and women with eating disorders including Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, Compulsive Overeating, OCD-related Eating disorders and other eating-related issues.

Dr. Hart received her doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Boston College. She received her graduate clinical training at The Judge Baker Clinic at The Children’s Hospital of Boston and at The Cambridge Hospital in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Dr. Hart received her APA-approved predoctoral training at The Children’s Hospital of Colorado. Before starting her private practice, Dr. Hart worked at Bethesda Hospital in Englewood, Colorado on the Eating and Substance Use Disorder units.  While raising her family, Dr. Hart has been in private practice for over fifteen years in Falmouth, Maine.


Tonya Spaulding, RDN, LD

DIETITIAN, Co-Occurring Eating Disorder & Addiction Residential Program

Tonya specializes in working with clients with eating disorders by providing Medical Nutrition Therapy and nutrition counseling using evidence-based scientific research including Health at Every Size and non-dieting principles. Tonya has worked in the nutrition field for over 13 years and for the last 6 years working directly with eating disorder clients. Tonya utilizes the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Nutrition Care Process which follows a systematic approach to providing high-quality nutrition care through assessment, nutrition diagnosis, intervention, monitoring and evaluation. Tonya completed her Bachelor’s of Science in Health Sciences degree from Rutgers University. She completed her dietetic supervised practices in multiple facilities in New England including, Davita Dialysis in Boston Massachusetts, The New England Eating Disorders and Oncology Programs at Mercy Hospital in Portland, Maine,  Western Maine Community Action in Auburn, Maine, and St. Mary’s Regional Health Center in Lewiston, Maine.


Amanda Place, MHRT-C, CADC

CLINICIAN, Children and Mothers Residential Program

Amanda’s leadership and experience in treating women with substance use disorders through individual and group therapy has helped her excel as a clinician at our Children and Mothers Program. Amanda has held several positions at Crossroads providing care and counseling for clients accessing our residential treatment services while specializing in CBT, DBT, ACT and Narrative and Expressive Therapy. Amanda is committed to her clients by helping to empower them to reach their most actualized self and incorporating creativity in their treatment through art and writing.


Jessica Cormier, LMSW-CC, LADC

CLINICIAN, Children and Mothers Residential Program

Jessica is a clinician working with our clients at the Children and Mothers Program in Windham providing individual and group counseling. The core of her clinical expertise is in Trauma-Informed Therapy, Narrative Therapy and treating clients with co-occurring disorders. Jessica earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Thomas College and then went on to receive a master’s degree in Social Work from the University of New England. During graduate school Jessica completed a field placement at Milestone Recovery Detox. Prior to joining the clinical team at Crossroads, Jessica worked as a clinician at the Long Creek Youth Development Center through Day One.

Sami Jo Stubbs

Sami-Jo Stubbs, LMSW-CC, CADC

CLINICIAN, Children and Mothers Residential Program

Sami-Jo is an integral member of the clinical team at the Children and Mothers Program providing individual, group and family counseling services. Her clinical skills are grounded in strength based holistic approaches utilizing motivational interviewing, ACT and trauma focused CBT. Sami-Jo has worked with clients experiencing domestic violence, incarcerated mothers and clients with co-occurring mental health. A graduate from University of Southern Maine, Sami-Jo holds degrees in both Social Work and Biology.