A day at the Fryeburg Fair

The following post was written by Crossroads client, Cat S.

It was a day to remember, twelve girls, a fifteen-passenger van, a day at the Fryeburg Fair.

The excitement was building days before the excursion. Twelve girls in anticipation for a day to enjoy a beautiful road trip to the fair. What would we do there? Will it be fun? Some had never been to a fair before, and many never to the Fryeburg Fair. The unknown was fueling the excitement, and the possibilities for the day were enticing.

The Monday finally came, the van arrived, and so did the rain. No spirits were dampened, no complaints were heard. The hour-long ride was full of laughter and good spirits. We arrived, and it was as if God himself was there. As we pulled in, the rain clouds parted, and the sun shone bright above us. The gates were opened to us, and we walked right in.

Animals, fair food, carnival rides, and twelve girls made the Fryeburg Fair that Monday. The laughter and smiling was contagious, infectious, and awesome. We rode carnival rides that made some stomachs churn, and laughed like we were kids, without inhibitions.

Today, the only pain that was felt was in our cheeks from smiling so much.

What is so different about that Monday, why was an event like this never so awesome any other time before in our lives? Why? That Monday was a day to remember, a day we actually will remember.