5 Things to Look for in a Rehab Program

CNN recently had a story on its website listing the “must-haves for effective rehab.” The story was part of the weekly column, “Empowered Patient,” from CNN Medical News correspondent Elizabeth Cohen. The story listed the top 5 things to look for when shopping around for a residential rehabilitation program. According to the column, these 5 “must-haves” came from addiction experts and recovering addicts:

  1. No amenities.
  2. An experienced staff.
  3. Individual Therapy.
  4. Gender-separate facilities.
  5. A good exit strategy.

With the term “rehab” in the news on a regular basis these days, it’s good to see media paying attention to what a residential rehabilitation program should actually be like. Crossroads for Women’s Residential Rehabilitation program has all of the above “must-haves.” It also has other services for chemically dependent women who might not need the typical 28 day program we always hear about in the news. These services include an intensive outpatient program, outpatient counseling, relapse prevention groups, a long-term halfway house and even a program for mothers and their children.

Those who are in need of help (and their families) should know there are a lot of services available, outpatient and inpatient, all around the country.

Read the CNN.com full article: “Experts cite must-haves for effective rehab”

Visit Crossroads for Women’s (Portland, ME) website

Look for alcohol and drug treatment and rehab centers around the country on the About.com: Alcohol & Substance Abuse website.

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