Remember Who You Wanted To Be

Crossroads provides gender-responsive addiction and behavioral health treatment services that allow clients to recover in a safe, supportive environment and develop the skills and strategies necessary to support long-term recovery. Our programs also address the needs of family members to build healthy families and help everyone deal with the impact of substance use in a constructive way.


Set in the beautiful and serene surroundings of Maine, Crossroads offers three Residential Programs in a peaceful and safe environment for women in recovery from addiction, behavioral and mental health disorders. Our residential programs are exclusively for women and addresses the unique challenges they face in recovery such as self-esteem, relationships, sexuality and spirituality.


Recovery from a substance use disorder is not a one-and-done, rather an ongoing process. Engaging in gender-responsive behavioral health outpatient treatment services can support men and women in maintaining their recovery. At Crossroads, we help clients continue to develop essential skills and coping methods to remain substance-free and create a healthier lifestyle.


Before any type of treatment can begin, it is important to understand the challenges the client is facing. Licensed professional counselors conduct comprehensive assessments for substance use and mental health issues to determine the appropriate level of care. At Crossroads, the client and clinician work together to develop an individualized treatment plan that addresses specific needs and goals.

"This was definitely a life changing experience. The staff was wonderful and I am leaving here sober, happy and healthy. I thank everyone for their love and care.”

– Back Cove Women’s Residential Program Client

“I felt a strong connection to almost all of the women I encountered. The IOP environment was safe and helpful, especially with the counselors and other group members’ advice.”

- IOP client

“I came to CAMP so I could bring my newborn daughter with me and be safe in recovery. I learned coping skills I didn’t have and things about myself and parenting, and ways to change things I’ve struggled with throughout my life."

- Children and Mothers Program client

“Crossroads has helped me FINALLY gain control of my life and recognize my TRUTHS and JOYS. I came here cautious, but I enter my new life with an open heart, an enlightened soul and an inspired mind. I am eternally grateful.”

- Recovered client

“I had a rough start due to anxiety. As time went on, my anxiety decreased. I was able to communicate better and learned a lot from the clinicians and other group members.”

- Group Therapy client

Co-Occurring Eating Disorders and Addiction Treatment

Both addiction and eating disorders are complex conditions; there is not a single cause or solution. This can make it challenging for women and their families to find effective ways of managing these issues and begin a healthy path to recovery. Engaging in a fully integrated treatment program that addresses the intricacies of how these disorders impact one another and allows women to explore the challenges they face and find what works best for their needs is essential.

Crossroads offers a 30-day residential treatment program that immerses women in a safe, structured, therapeutic environment to begin their recovery from eating disorders and addiction. It is an intimate 8-bed program that is ideal for women who need the comfort and support of a structured program that has professional onsite staff 24/7.

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Addiction, behavioral and mental health are issues that can affect anyone. At Crossroads, we provide a variety of evidence-based, therapeutic options for recovery. Comprehensive care and ongoing support are essential elements of recovery and we strive to provide a safe, non-judgmental environment for healing and personal growth.