Residential Programs

Crossroads Residential Programs
Crossroads offers inpatient treatment for women, including pregnant women, of all ages and backgrounds for substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues. Our residential programs provide the structure and stability many women need at the beginning of their recoveries.

Our residential programs include:

Back Cove Residential Program

The Back Cove Residential Program offers holistic treatment for women in a beautiful Maine setting. In addition to gender-responsive addiction and emotional health treatment, our holistic approach includes yoga, equine therapy, acupuncture and other services. With nearly 40 years of experience, Crossroads understands the specific challenges and needs of women in treatment and recovery. The Back Cove Residential Program, a 30-day treatment program, serves as a premier recovery setting for women from all over the country. Read More About the Back Cove Residential Program

Children And Mothers Program (CAMP) 

CAMP is the only program in Maine that provides on-site living arrangements to minor children of mothers in residential treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. The program is housed at the Boulton Center for Women and Children in Windham. In order to be eligible, women must be pregnant or postpartum, having a child less than one year old. Read More About CAMP

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