Jun 06

Shannon Trainor Talks About Gender-Specific Treatment on Growing Up Chaotic Radio Show

growing up chaoticCrossroads Clinical Director, Shannon Trainor, LCSW, CCS, was on the Growing up Chaotic Show on BlogTalk Radio yesterday talking about gender-specific substance abuse treatment.

The show “provides a 360° view on all topics related to addiction, recovery, abuse, and mental illness.”

Shannon talked with the show’s host, Dawn Clancy, about what gender-focused therapy is and Crossroads’ approach to it. They discussed the differences between women’s and men’s experiences in addiction and treatment and why it’s important to understand those differences.

You may remember Dawn from her poignant guest post for the Crossroads blog, How I Learned to Take Responsibility for my Parents’ Drinking.

The show is 30 minutes long and packed with helpful information on gender-specific treatment. If you have further questions on the subject of gender-focused treatment, feel free to call Crossroads at 207.773.9931.

Listen to internet radio with The Growing Up Chaotic Show on BlogTalkRadio

If you’re having trouble listening here, you can visit the Growing Up Chaotic BlogTalk radio site.

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